Irazoo Tips & Tricks To Help You Earn More!

Tips to earn more with Irazoo 

1st, Click My Account, then get 5 points daily for visiting the Offerwall page by clicking the "Earn MEGA points" link at the bottom of the page.

2nd, Recommendation System - 150 points a day. That means you are now guaranteed 150 points a day! You will get 10 points for a recommendation or 5 points for likes. To do a recommendation, type in the search box & click search. (While doing this you may also get search wins.) Scroll down & select which ever site you would like from the Regular Search Results. Then just write good in the box & click yes for 10 points.

3rd, Search & Win! Search has been increased to 10 everyday, you will win various amounts of points.
***  A little tip. I have found, if you search every 1 1/2 hours,  you will win a higher amount  while searching than if you constantly search.

Treasure Codes - Earn points for finding and entering iRazoo Treasure Codes into the MyAccount page. Each iRazoo Treasure code is worth a different amount of points and Treasure Codes are only available at certain times. The Treasure codes can be found on the iRazoo Facebook page, iRazoo Blog, iRazoo Message Board, iRazoo MyAccount page, or iRazoo search results pages. But all of them will be posted here on the site. Enter the Treasure Code during the correct time period into the MyAccount page and your points will automatically be updated.

Codes can be posted here in the Irazoo Treasures tab by clicking here
Both Zoombucks and Irazoo have offer walls similar to Swagbucks and in general pay higher than Swagbucks as well. A lot of the offers can be completed on more than 1 site. So if you have not already tried Irazoo feel free to sign up by clicking the banner below.